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What is cellulose insulation? Cellulose insulation is among the most sustainable insulation products currently available. We use a low dust formula wherein the material is coated with a sodium polyborate flame-resistant additive that makes this recycled paper product’s performance quite exceptional. It is non-toxic, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly for numerous applications. Because it is shredded into tiny, lightweight particles, it could be poured and blown into cavities, filling each gap and producing an excellent air seal. It is perfect for both brand new and existing homes. It is a fantastic option for individuals who would like a far more sustainable product with excellent insulation and air sealing performance.

Without sufficient attic insulation Salt Lake City levels in your house, heat gain or loss can lead to more considerable cooling and heating expenses. Insulation can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to forty percent.

Cellulose insulation is a high-quality building material that is renowned for its outstanding low-dust formula. It significantly reduces the flow of heat and substantially reduces the amount of outside air entering your home. By lowering air infiltration with cellulose insulation, you can keep the conditioned air in your house and the hot, humid air out!

Among probably the greenest insulation products offered, cellulose insulation is the best option to reduce your energy cost and, more importantly, your carbon footprint. Cellulose insulation is made of up to eighty-five percent recycled materials, which means less energy is used to manufacture it than other insulation types. However, do not allow its “green” name to fool you. Cellulose also offers the greatest R-value per inch of any insulation product, providing an affordable and effective solution to residential insulation needs.

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Cellulose can also be treated to resist insects and rodents. This environmentally friendly insulation will be the best option for any home. Cellulose lacks the annoying fillers of fiberglass and is easier to set up than spray foam. You will find two cellulose insulation varieties used expertly, and they are blown in cellulose and dense-packed cellulose. Blown-in cellulose is packed into the cavity without using pressure, while the dense-packed cellulose is loaded into the hole tightly with little room for expansion.

We work together with you to determine whether cellulose may be the best option for your requirements. We also eliminate old, unwanted insulation out of your house to ensure your home is professionally insulated when our work is completed! Our contractors fill each wall with dense-packed cellulose when it comes to cellulose injection until it comes to 3.5 pounds per cubic foot uniform density. This is called “dense-packed” since it securely fills the spaces inside your walls. It is crucial because we can protect your house against leaks by firmly filling up every crevice and crack. Filling your wall space with cellulose injection also keeps moisture from developing inside of them. These are all costly problems to correct, which is why prevention is the best remedy.

Another nasty issue that can happen within your wall is an infestation. If your walls are not tightly packed with insulation, rodents, bugs, and various other kinds of vermin infest them. These pests could go through loosely-packed insulation and make several nests in it. As one of Salt Lake City’s best insulation companies, we ensure that the cellulose insulation is firmly packed to avoid creating any foothold for these pests, which stops the problem before it begins!

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