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For nearly everyone throughout Salt Lake City, fiberglass insulating material is the first consideration when they plan to update their house’s insulation. A primary reason is that fiberglass insulation is the most common and widely used for thermal energy protection. Companies make fiberglass insulation out of recycled glass, which is then turned into thermal-resistant fibers. The insulation is then sliced into strips (also known as batts) to fit the homes’ framing. Fiberglass insulation is also manufactured as blown-in insulation Salt Lake City. Our insulation dealers in Salt Lake City Utah have the proven expertise and knowledge to provide you excellent insulation service all the time. Give us a call today! We are always excited to guide our customers.

As the most popular and widely-used insulation kind, fiberglass insulation is produced from melted sand, spun to make that telltale cotton candy look. Next, it is either used as an unfastened fill to be blown directly into larger spaces or cut into sizes to fit into framing. Fiberglass batt insulation is made mostly of recycled materials and is utilized to insulate attics, ceilings, walls, and floors. Our fiberglass batt insulation Salt Lake City is proudly American made, so we stand by our products a hundred percent! Poor insulation lowers a home’s thermal efficiency. This could lead to increased energy bills as your HVAC system would unnecessarily work double to keep a comfortable interior temperature.

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Batt Insulation Salt Lake City

Fiberglass features a higher corrosion resistance; thus, it won’t rust. It is perfect for products used outside, in structures close to the ocean, with high salt content in the air. Fire-resistant resins can make your products stand up against fires. This insulation kind will only char and won’t burn up. When subjected to humidity, fiberglass batt insulation neither holds nor absorbs water. But if the insulation does get wet, the installers must inspect the area thoroughly. If the material is not damaged, the installers must dry it completely to revive its highest R-Value.

Suppose you own a house that has an attic space that you can include flooring to. Batt insulation is a good option for this because it is fitted between your attic joists, making it possible for you to easily include a flooring substrate if you plan to use that room. When our specialists arrive at your house for the free estimate, they will discuss all the options and determine the most suitable solution for you at a very reasonable price.

Overall, we want you to be pleased with your purchase and the work performed by our team. Give our company, one of the best insulation dealers in Salt Lake City, a call now and let us make your house feel more comfortable and your bills reduced! What would your home be like without proper fiberglass insulating material? The cool atmosphere would seep out, and the hot air would seep in. And the only option for this would be traditional fiberglass insulation. Running AC and heat with no proper fiberglass insulation will make your house uncomfortable and cost you money. And so do not delay. To discover more about our fiberglass insulation choices, call us now.

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