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Energy loss from a house is inevitable. Even in the best-constructed homes, when the heating or cooling system goes off, the inside and outside temperatures immediately start to equalize. Proper insulation is a crucial component of any home’s interior. It plays a significant role if you want your house to stay warm during winter and block off extra heat during summer. Apart from creating a comfortable atmosphere, insulation helps you keep your energy costs reasonable since you will not use the HVAC unit the whole day. 

So which insulation should you purchase for your home? There are things to consider whenever choosing attic insulation. The type of insulation depends on which part of the house needs it. The crawl space, attic, wall, and all the home’s various rooms require different insulation types. Another factor to consider is the R-Value of each type, which is the maximum thermal performance to create the house’s optimal interior temperature.

Blow-in or loose-fill attic insulation, as the title indicates, is blown-in into designated areas like wall cavities, incomplete attic floors, walls, enclosed walls, and hard to reach places with a hose. This insulation Salt Lake City product is very well known since it is easy to set up and pretty cheap. Blown-in insulation fills the areas between the wall and seals any cracks, so one can say it is one of the best energy-efficient insulation types. An inexpensive form of insulation that lasts for years if it is well maintained is available through batts and rolls attic insulation. Batting also refers to blanket insulation and is suitable for areas with no obstructions, like ceilings, floors, and unfinished walls.

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Insulation Salt Lake City

Foam board attic insulation is installed on unfinished wall space and roofs during construction. You can also install it during a major renovation and then set it on the exterior of your house. A far more costly but much more manageable type of foam board attic insulation is foam spray that functions the same way but is in liquid form sprayed on the wall surfaces and floors. Reflective attic insulation in Salt Lake City is usually installed in attic ceilings or under the roof. It works by reflecting heating from the sun rather than absorbing it, thus keeping the home cool and comfy. Materials employed for reflective insulation typically include polyethylene bubbles, plastic film, foil-faced kraft newspaper, and cardboard fitted between studs, beams, and joists. While not all kinds of insulation always need a contractor, it is ideal to hire one.

Regardless of what attic insulation you need, our Salt Lake City Utah attic insulation contractors got you covered. Try to give us a call now to plan an assessment and get a free estimate. We are proud to provide blown-in insulation treatments that offer excellent energy-saving benefits. You won’t just save on electricity, but you will also experience a cleaner, cozier home environment. While it might be difficult to notice a more relaxed or warmer home, the increase in your energy cost is a strong indication that you may have faulty insulation. Very few homeowners recognize it, but attic insulation is vitally important. Our blown-in attic insulation treatments are top-notch. We are proud to use Knauf EcoFill; it is a fiberglass blow-in attic insulation used in commercial and residential applications. This insulation may be utilized for sound-absorbing and thermal purposes. Additionally, this particular Salt Lake City attic insulation is also employed in retrofit applications.

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